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Workflow Example: Payment Request

Workflow Example: Payment Request

A payment processing system, which had been mostly command-line for many years was being re-engineered to make use of a GUI. After analyzing dozens of use cases, I created wire frames to illustrate each unique situation. An example is below (click for larger version):

Particularly noteworthy:

  • The payments are always running, unless manually overriden, so I invented a “CD-player style” control scheme near the top of the page
  • “Date of Payment” was often referred to as the most critical piece of data, so it gets its own special treatment
  • Comments are separated between System and User messages with a monospaced font for the System messages
  • Efficiency was a key concern for the system, so I included the option of inserting a comment based on frequently-used comments instead of typing the same thing over and over.

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